New Employee Orientation Through E-learning

Every year organizations hire employees; once the hiring process is done, the question that arises is: how do we make our new employees feel welcomed? Following are the six areas in which you should orient your new hires:

First, is the message for the CEO – this makes employees feel important and a part of a new family.

Then comes the information about the organization – what do we do, our services and products and market share. Third comes the organizational structure – this tells the employees where they are currently positioned in the organization and how far they can go, in terms of climbing the career ladder. Your new employee should know about your work culture. So get a few senior employees to share their experiences when they were new to the organization. Next comes the information pertaining to growth – where can your employee reach in the next one or two years. Last but not the least information about the company rules and policies and the key players they can approach.

New Employee Orientation Through E-learning

Your employee should feel comfortable and right at home in the new organization when all these aspects are covered in your eLearning course as part of their fresher’s orientation.

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