How to Make E-learning Work for the Mining Industry?

How to Make E-learning Work for the Mining Industry?

How to Make E-learning Work for the Mining Industry?

According to Australian occupational health and safety legislation, mine workers can work at mine site only after they have completed the Safety Induction Training. Hence Safety Training has become mandatory for the mine workers in Australia.

In imparting such training, eLearning has become popular in the mining industry as it is cost effective in delivering training. Unfortunately, the quality of the trainings via eLearning varies greatly among organizations. Some organizations, upload PowerPoint presentations online and term it as eLearning. Because of this, the efficiency of the training comes down and the objective of the training may not be achieved.

One thing everyone needs to know is that adding audio narrations to your PowerPoint presentations is not eLearning. I have the experience of working with one of our customers on “Safety Training in Mining”. Here I would like to share that experience on how we designed and developed the eLearning course with sound instructional design principles.

1. Listed the benefits of doing the course:

As the target audiences are adults, they are goal oriented. We included Learning Objectives at the beginning of the course telling what the learner will be able to learn by taking this course.

2. Given free navigation:

According to Malcolm Knowles, andragogy theorist, adult learners tend to be self-directed. We designed the course in a way that the learner can freely navigate the whole course without any slide restrictions. But the assessments were designed in such a way that the learner can attempt it in order to get the certificate only if he/she goes through the course completely.

3. Created relevant learning experiences:

We asked the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to provide real-life situations. One of the situations dealt with how an injury occurred at a Mining Industry and the precautions that a mine worker should take. These situations were converted into scenarios in the eLearning course to make the course more relevant to their work life.

4. Designed effective assessments:

We created scenario-based assessments where the learner needs to analyze a situation before answering it. Such approach effectively reinforces learning.

I have shared the instructional strategy; we used for one of the Safety courses related to the Mining industry. Did you ever work on similar courses? Do share your experience; I would love to hear from you.

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