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E-learning Adoption in Manufacturing Companies – Free Kit

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E-learning Adoption in Manufacturing Companies – Free Kit

At the end of December 2013, there were 297,000 job openings in the manufacturing sector, 256,000 new hires and about 240,000 separations. These were the figures shared through a news release by Bureau of Labor Statistics in December 2013. Just imagine how dynamic the workforce has become in the sector!

This means that more and more individuals need to be constantly trained on different skills as per the needs of the organization. If the organization has to do this through traditional classroom trainings, it would no longer be cost-effective because you are not sure as to how long the employee is going to stay with the company. Therefore, wherever possible if organizations can switch over to online training, at least the training content gets developed once but more employees can be repeatedly trained using the same material. This turns out to be more viable in the long run.

To learn more about the challenges of training in the manufacturing sector and how eLearning can be of help, download this free kit. It has useful resources that will give insights on how you can implement eLearning in your organization.

View Kit on Strategies for Adopting E-learning and Online Training in Manufacturing Companies

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