5 Reasons Why eLearning is Ideal for Lean Manufacturing Training

5 Reasons Why eLearning is Ideal for Lean Manufacturing Training

5 Reasons Why eLearning is Ideal for Lean Manufacturing Training

‘Lean’ is the buzzword in the manufacturing industry. Lean production aims to deliver better value to the customer by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses.

Systematic training of personnel facilitates efficient implementation of Lean manufacturing techniques. Effective Lean training helps increase the productivity of the workforce resulting in improved bottom line.

E-learning can be used to impart highly effective Lean training. It helps organizations to perform the following:

Effectively convey the benefits of Lean production

Often, adoption of Lean manufacturing techniques involves restructuring of existing production processes. This may make the workforce apprehensive. It is necessary to allay the fears of employees.

Videos containing messages from the top management are very useful to effectively convey the benefits of Lean manufacturing to the workers and explain how it fits into the vision of the organization. Personnel who are aware and convinced of the need to adopt Lean manufacturing techniques embrace its adoption.

Impart training without the loss of productive hours

A major challenge faced by managers in the implementation of Lean training programs is the loss of precious work hours to training. The solution to this problem is eLearning.

Online courses are highly flexible and could be accessed anytime, anywhere. Lean training sessions could be scheduled without disrupting production.

Train the workers to efficiently identify wastage

The concept of Lean manufacturing is centered on the elimination of wastes that hinder efficient creation of value. Employees of manufacturing organizations need to identify these muda in order to get rid of them.

E-learning modules containing scenarios are very useful for introducing areas leading to wastage of time, resources and raw material during manufacturing and allowing the learners to think of a better solution. This can help them to identify the potential areas of wastage and encourage them to think of the best possible practices in the given situation.

Lean Manufacturing eLearning

Ensure that workers master Lean manufacturing tools

Practice makes a man perfect. Acquisition of expertise on the use of tools and templates of Lean manufacturing goes a long way in improving productivity levels.

E-learning modules containing simulations help workers master the Lean manufacturing process. They also enable the personnel to try and test new methods to improve productivity in a risk-free environment. Thus eLearning facilitates constant improvisation – the fundamental principle of kaizen.

Unleash the power of bite-sized learning sessions

Training makes sense only when the learning can be applied to work. So the learning should allow easy retention of the concepts learnt.

Bite-sized eLearning modules could be used to emphasize Lean manufacturing practices, tools and techniques in each session so that the information is retained for a longer period of time. Furthermore, the short duration of these sessions makes them ideal tools for providing JIT support.

Lean Fundamentals eLearning

Thus, eLearning could be used to provide systematic training on Lean manufacturing. How do you use online courses to impart effective training on Lean manufacturing techniques? We would love to learn from your experiences.

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