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Customized E-learning Courses for Inventory Management Training [Infographic]

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Customized E-learning Courses for Inventory Management Training [Infographic]

The retail industry is facing tough times. The rapid growth of online shops and changes in consumer tastes and preferences have dealt a severe blow to the companies in this sector. Various retail bigwigs such as Dots, Alco Stores, Radio Shack, Deb Shops, Wet Seal, and Delia’s have filed for bankruptcy. The situation is indeed bleak.

How can retail organizations deal with the intense competition from e-tailers? Well, many experts believe they need to cut their operating costs. And, one of the most important aspects that retail firms need to focus on to reduce costs is inventory management. Companies need to optimize their inventory levels to survive. This critical need of retail companies has given rise to the following training requirements.

  • Imparting good training on inventory handling and control processes
  • Providing the knowledge and skills needed to use inventory management software efficiently

Many retail companies are utilizing e-learning to meet their training needs. Online courses are highly flexible and provide the best ROI on training. Firms opting for e-learning can choose to go in for custom-built courses or purchase of-the-shelf online training materials from a vendor.

Here is an info-graphic that tells you why customized e-learning courses are a better option.

Customized E-learning Courses for Inventory Management Training [Infographic]

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