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E-learning on Incident Reporting

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E-learning on Incident Reporting

Recently, we were working on a course related to crisis management; how to report and whom to report when a crisis (incident) occurs in an organization.

Earlier employees would simply send an email about the incident and be done with it. The objective of this course is to tell learners to use the tool to file incidents and how it should be done.

For this project, the client provided a slide deck containing the steps to file a crisis. Usually, when we have steps to teach something, we use a simulation based approach. This approach of watching the simulation steps is quite boring. Isn’t it?

So, to make the course interesting, we thought we will use some real incidents (crises) that occurred in a few sites/organizations. And we asked the client to share a couple of incidents so that we can weave them in the course. Let’s see how we went about doing this project.

To set the context, we used a couple of icebreaker questions. We asked questions such as:

  • What do you understand by “crisis”? (Here, we defined the term crisis)
  • What kind of crises should be reported? (Here, we gave a few examples, from which leaners should identify which crises examples should be reported.) In the feedback, the learner is directed to the Resources tab where a list of crisis areas and categories areshown.
  • How do you report such incidents? (Here, wegave a set of options – by telephone, email, intranet, etc.). In the feedback, we statedthat a tool is available for reporting the crises.

The next element we used was WIIFM (What’s-In-It-For-Me). We created a classroom environment with a trainer and a couple of trainees. Here, the trainer explains the importance of using the tool.

E-learning on Incident Reporting

Next, we used the fire incident scenario in the course. We created a video with real images for more impact. The trainer shows this video in the classroom.

Coming to the application level, we used Simulations. The trainer asks the trainee to file a crisis for the shown scenario. Here, we showed the actual demonstration of the filing a crisis.This way, the level of learning and retention increases.

E-learning on Incident Reporting

These are some approaches to we used to build an effective software training course.

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