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7 Factors Impacting Employees’ Adoption of E-learning – An Infographic

E-learning is an effective way of learning, While the developers of eLearning courses are fully convinced about the impact of eLearning; it is the employees who need to be convinced of their benefits. There is lot of resistance to eLearning among employees. Even with latest advancements in the world of technology many people still resist the idea of eLearning. They are accustomed to the traditional instructor-led training methods and this new concept worries them. Corporates find it difficult to convince their employees to accept eLearning.

If the employers are aware of the factors that lead the employees to resist eLearning, they will be in a better position to convince the employees not only to actually take up the courses but also encourage them with the positive aspects of this method of training. The following infographic will give an idea of the 7 Factors Affecting Employees Adoption of eLearning.

7 Factors Impacting Employees’ Adoption of E-learning – An Infographic

What in your opinion is the most critical factor affecting employee adoption of eLearning? What is the top-most reason for employee resistance to eLearning and how can it be addressed? Please do share your insights.

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