How can E-learning Strengthen your Employee Training?

How can E-learning Strengthen your Employee Training?

How can E-learning Strengthen your Employee Training?

Who doesn’t want involvement of trainees in a training session? You can conduct classroom training for hours, but until your trainees get involved in the training session, you cannot deliver/meet the objectives of your training session. Getting your trainees involved is the key to making your training effective and successful.

In most organizations, training is “passive”. They have traditional classroom sessions that focus on teaching and not learning. The responsibility of success of training is on the trainer because in these sessions the trainees just listen to the trainer, and look at the presentation slides.

Confucius a Chinese teacher and philosopher once said “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” This is nothing but “active learning” unlike classroom training, the complete responsibility here is on the trainees. And, eLearning is a powerful active learning tool; in fact, it is a combination of all the three aspects that Confucius refers to: listen, see, and do.

Listen: Audio used in eLearning to convey ideas or concepts by reading out only the important and need–to-know information. Compared to only written text, it gives the trainees the required amount of depth and helps gain maximum from the eLearning program.

See: Visuals used in eLearning have a strong impact on the trainees as they keep them engaged throughout the course. Compared to content only with text, visuals like graphs, charts, animations, drawings, and videos increase the interest as they easily convey complex information that is easy to understand and retain.

Do: Action used the eLearning that requires the trainees to think, move and do something keeps them involved and engaged. Compared to a session presented by a trainer, trainees get the most from a session when it has interactivities, demonstration and a chance of hands on experience with it.

The above-mentioned points promote active participation and motivate learners to learn at their own pace.

Have you ever tried eLearning? If yes, what are its pros and cons over classroom learning according to you? If you haven’t, you can kick start with one eLearning program for your employees; observe, and evaluate the effects of eLearning on your training program.

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