E-learning for Effective Year – End Training

E-learning for Effective Year – End Training

E-learning for Effective Year - End Training

Are you an HR manager grappling with end-of-the-year budget constraints? Are you looking for a solution to train your employees quickly and effectively? Do not worry. There is an effective solution to your problems – eLearning.

Online courses could help you reach the training targets in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Let me share how eLearning could be a solution to your training needs at the end of the year. It facilitates:

Effective training with scant resources

eLearning helps optimize the usage of the few remaining training dollars at the year end. The company can hardly afford to sacrifice precious working hours at this juncture. The online medium of instruction could be used to drastically cut the training expenditure.

The developments in the world of learning technology facilitate creation of online courses at reduced cost. Rapid authoring tools such as Articulate, Lectora Inspire, Adobe Captivate and so on could be used to expedite the development of online courses at reduced cost. It is now possible to develop a 60-minute course within 3 weeks with an expenditure of 3000 to 4000 USD.

Catch up with statutory training deadlines

Another challenge often faced by HR managers is to complete the compliance training mandated by regulatory agencies within the stipulated period. Matters could get complicated when this compliance training has to be imparted to personnel spread across the world. It is common knowledge that most companies are unwilling to spend on travel and boarding expenditure for personnel training and the situation is exacerbated as the year comes to a close.

eLearning is the ideal solution to managers who are hard-pressed for time. It is now possible to convert existing content in the form of PDFs and PPTs into online courses in a very short time using the authoring tools. Furthermore, the pre-built functionality of these tools could be used to create assessments. The quality of training imparted is consistent as the same course is used to deliver training to the global audience. The learner could conveniently take the e-course at the hour and place of his choice.

Going beyond the year

Creating an eLearning course is a one-time affair. It eliminates the need for repeated presence of the instructor. The course could be easily updated to meet the dynamic training needs of the organization. This feature of eLearning helps your company realize the benefits of online courses for extended periods of time. Thus, the best ROI on training is ensured.

You could effectively manage the learning of your organization using an open-source LMS such as Moodle. These systems are highly affordable and efficiently cater to the learning management needs of your firm.

I hope that this blog addresses some of your pressing training needs. So what are you waiting for? Switch to eLearning today. Enjoy the benefits of anytime, anywhere learning.

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