How Helpful is eLearning in Developing Organizational Culture?

How Helpful is eLearning in Developing Organizational Culture?

How Helpful is eLearning in Developing Organizational Culture?

“A mind without culture can never produce good fruit, just like soil, which however rich it may be, cannot be productive without cultivation” – Seneca.

No doubt, production and profits are very important for the survival of an organization; but culture is the main essence, its very soul, which has all the power to bring success and goodwill.

What is Organizational Culture?


Organizational culture could be defined as the inculcation of positive values and behavior in people who work in an organization. In order to bring out a positive and inspiring culture, employees are to be treated and regarded as an essential part of the organization.

Employees need to be told clearly about their own roles and responsibilities as well as goals and values of the organization. But most of the time, people experience difficulty in understanding their roles and relating themselves with the organization’s goals. Poor organizational culture could have adverse effects on an organization.

eLearning and Organizational Culture

Because of globalization and increased developments in the fields of Internet and electronic media, worldwide linking of geographically dispersed businesses has become possible; this trend has widely increased in the present modern economy.

To stay in the competition, and to secure a favorable market position, organizations are mainly emphasizing on the unification of culture and values across their multiple locations.

But how can corporates bring this unification across their diverse operations? Can any training methodology serve the purpose?

But training geographically dispersed employees in a consistent manner through traditional teaching systems could be very difficult, or if correctly said, almost impossible.

Various organizations worldwide have used eLearning to impart knowledge on organizational culture and values in employees. Let us discover how eLearning could address the issue of unified organizational culture.

Induction Training

An eLearning training course could brilliantly introduce the organization to the new hires. The training could help in establishing a strong relation between the organization and its employees. Let us see how videos, webinars and seminars could be used for better induction training.


When employees view and listen to the CEO sharing the vision, mission, and culture of the organization, they can instantly feel connected because the perspectives of a CEO reflect organizational culture. Also, as videos quickly grab peoples’ attention, they could convey the organizational message to employees in a better way.


A webinar could be any online seminar. It could also be a workshop, conference, real training event, meeting and presentation that is delivered over the Internet. The webinars could be useful for employees to understand the culture, goals and focus areas of an organization.

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What could be better than a scenario to make employees desirous to take part in organizational activities! These scenarios could be any critical real-life situation, event, plot, play or a task, in which, people need to participate and act accordingly to their defined roles and responsibilities. Scenarios like these, suiting the nature and capabilities of employees could be developed to help them understand their role and act accordingly to the situations in a scenario.


A great organizational culture goes beyond mere work. It is not about employees and organizations meeting their expectations; it is about employees and organizations exceeding their expectations. Because, when there is nurturing organizational culture, then mere surviving and earning profit in marketplace become secondary, and winning and achieving excellence become primary. If you have any views in this regard, please do share your thoughts with us.

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