E-learning: The Ideal Tool to Improve the Creative Abilities of Your People

E-learning: The Ideal Tool to Improve the Creative Abilities of Your People

E-learning: The Ideal Tool to Improve the Creative Abilities of Your People

In my previous blog, I shared my experiences on ways to improve creativity in companies. In this blog, I am sharing my views on the potential of eLearning to foster employee innovation.

Companies want their employees to think differently, as out-of-the-box ideas pave the way for innovative corporate practices. Firms need to develop training strategies, which stimulate the creative instinct of their personnel. Incorporation of eLearning in corporate training strategies helps organizations to promote innovative thought because it helps in the following aspects.

Discover better solutions

The adult learner seldom likes being spoon-fed. An efficient corporate training program facilitates the learner to explore new solutions to a problem. It provokes his thinking abilities to find the best way of solving the issue.

The power of online networked learning communities could be unleashed through eLearning. The trainee has the opportunity to gain from the experiences of other members of the learning community. It provides him a platform to share his problem and discover efficient ways of solving it. It is common knowledge that application of collective thought helps find better solutions.

Simulations could be effectively used in online training programs to improve the business processes. The fear of going wrong often inhibits personnel from executing novel ideas. Simulations help overcome this handicap to innovation as they could be efficiently used to test and evaluate new solutions without causing any loss.

Stimulate powers of analysis

It is a well-known fact that problem based learning (PBL) is very effective in stimulating the thinking skills of the learner. Case studies and scenarios are common tools used to develop logical powers in the learner.Here is a screenshot showing scenarios in eLearning.

Scenarios in eLearning

Case studies and scenarios could be effectively presented through eLearning. These help the learner to improve his creativity, by provoking the analytical capabilities of the trainee, as he tries to understand them and provide solutions to the problems posed in them. They help him to understand the intricacies of complex business situations and find efficient solutions to organizational problems.

Provide stress-free training

Fun at the workplace, without losing sight of the organizational goals, is critical to the evolution of creative thought. A work environment that is pleasant and devoid of stress is common to most successful companies.

The training process is livened through eLearning. It is a pleasure for most employees to interact with their peers in the industry through online networked learning. The informal nature of social learning process eliminates any kind of stress associated with the rigors of formal training.

Games are increasingly used to provide training at the workplace. The learning potential of games could be fully exploited through online courses. Attributes of games, such as compelling storylines, attainable challenges, rewards, recognition and control make them powerful tools for imparting efficient training. The power of multimedia could be fully exploited, to make learning through these games, a memorable experience. Here is a screenshot showing games in eLearning.

Games in eLearning

Companies could make efficient use of eLearning to strengthen the creative side of the workforce. How did you use the online learning format to ignite the spark of innovation? Do share your experiences with us.

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