Imparting Effective Training on Computer Basics Through E-learning

Imparting Effective Training on Computer Basics Through E-learning

Imparting Effective Training on Computer Basics Through E-learning

Are you a training manager who needs to see that your baby-boomer staff gets hold of computer basics? Do you intend to use online courses to train computer novices in your organization? Well, then you may like to hear some of our experiences.

One of our clients in the training domain asked us to develop a course to train adult workers on computer fundamentals.

The decision to use eLearning to train on computer basics proved right as learner feedback indicated that the course was very effective and that the people enjoyed it. Now, let me share more on how we created these online courses. We saw to it that.

The language was simple

Using high-sounding IT jargon is the last thing that you need to do when you train people who are not well-versed in using computers. The learners stop taking the course because this technical terminology can “frighten” them. Moreover, you have to remember that these people don’t require content in bombastic language – all they need to know is what a computer is and how to use it.

For instance, the sentence “Internet connects computers all around the world” makes life easier than “Internet is a network of computer networks that uses various protocols to enable transfer of data between them.” Doesn’t it?

Give them time to learn

You need to make sure that the activities in online courses to train computer novices are not timed. Adult learners take their time to learn and asking them to complete course tasks in 5 minutes could be at times very frustrating.

Eliminating the time constraint helps them focus better on the concepts because they don’t have to worry about completing these activities on time. After all, you want them to understand computer basics better, not participate in a Formula 1 competition. Don’t you?

Allow them to repeat

Practice makes perfect. This adage perfectly holds good when you use eLearning to train on computer basics. Simulations can be very effectively used in eLearning to train your people on operating a computer effectively. For example, you can show how a PowerPoint presentation is created using a simulation.

Allowing learners to repeat the steps illustrated in simulations as many times as they want goes a long way in the success of online courses to train computer novices. The reason for this is that most people face problems using the mouse and to some extent the keyboard – two devices indispensable in the use of today’s computers. Learners can acquire mastery over these devices by repeating the practice exercises. At the end of the day, you want these staff to use computers effectively. Don’t you?

Images are used effectively

You can use images to efficiently convey the desired message. We used several images in our course and these helped learners to grasp concepts in quick time. Images are also useful to reduce the stress that comes with learning.

For example, to illustrate the effects of malware, we depicted malware as a demon trying to destroy the computer. Indeed, a picture is worth a thousand words. What do you think?

Thus, you can effectively use eLearning to train on computer basics by using simple words and images efficiently. You need to make sure that your learners get ample time to learn and that they practice a lot. I hope you find this blog useful.

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