E-learning for Clinical Application Products

E-learning for Clinical Application Products

E-learning for Clinical Application Products

Product training is always vital, whether from a sales point of view or from the users point of view. There are two aspects of Product training; one from the perspective of sales and the other from the perspective of users. Handling clinical application products mainly used by physicians, nurses, and technologists requires knowledge and the skills to obtain optimal results from the clinical product.

Clinical application products are mainly used in clinics and have limited applications compared to highly advanced equipment used in invasive medical procedures.

A few examples of clinical application products are:

  1. Anesthesia Systems
  2. Diagnostic Cardiology
  3. Interventional Systems
  4. Patient Monitoring
  5. Ultrasound

All the clinical application systems mentioned above require considerable amount of training as the proper and efficient use of clinical application systems provides correct and authentic data to act upon for the treatment of patients.

E-learning is a highly suitable way of training the trainee clinicians on these systems and also existing staff when clinical application systems are upgraded or new systems are acquired by the clinic.

Developing e-learning for the application system will help a lot in ensuring effective sales by educating customers on the appropriate usage of these clinicalapplication systems as purchasing the advanced versions of the systems is only half of the issue and using them is another.The effective use of the systems can only be attained with training and e-learning of the clinical application products. The manufacturers can create effective e-learning courses in coordination with vendors offering customized e-learning courses. As the manufacturer is fully aware of the features of the product, making the best use of the system can be well conceived by the designers of the product and that will be the learning objective of the e-learning.

From this perspective, the learning objective of the course will be to impart comprehensive knowledge for the use of the product, which can be broken down into modules as per the skills & requirements of the clinicians, such as a module for physicians, one for nurses and another for technologists.

Since manufacturers usually sell these clinical application systems globally, it would be a good idea to translate the e-learning trainings into all major global languages where the products are sold. Advance information of translations would help the e-learning vendor design the course in such a way translations with sub-scripts and audio will be easy for later decisions.

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