3 Ways to Get Your E-learning Feedback from Multiple Stakeholders

3 Ways to Get Your E-learning Feedback from Multiple Stakeholders

E-learning developers and stakeholders or SMEs need to work together to ensure the success of any eLearning course. Implementing the client’s feedback is a very crucial step in the development of the eLearning course.

This info-graphic points to the different and effective ways to get the eLearning feedback from multiple stakeholders.

  • Setup Video/ Telephone conference call
  • Select one stakeholder or SME / client as the point of contact
  • Share a single Excel sheet for all the stakeholders

3 Ways to Get Your E-Learning Feedback from Multiple Stakeholders

Setting up a video/ telephone call with the concerned parties is the first important way to get the first-hand information directly from the client. Face-to-face talking or a conference call eases all the misunderstandings and makes instructions clear and simple to implement.

In case there are multiple stakeholders or SMEs, it is imperative to have a single point of contact at the beginning of the project. This way, the developer avoids confusion created by several stakeholders or SMEs.

In addition, it is also important to have an Excel Spreadsheet for the project and share it with all stakeholders or SMEs. If stakeholders include comments, then the second reviewer will see the comments of the first and so on. Thus, it can be ensured that there are no duplications in comments and there is no loss of time.

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