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Extrinsic and Intrinsic motivation in E-learning

Written By Nutan Bagh

Recently, a client shared that the response to the e-learning courses hosted on their internal Learning Management Systems, did not get the expected response. Despite the fact that many employees were assigned the courses, very few registered and those who registered did not complete the courses. We later learnt that the organization introduced e-learning only recently and not many of their employees were comfortable with the online medium. Employees were not given any orientation to the eLearning program and therefore they neither appreciated its value, nor understood its relevance to their jobs.

Learning principles, particularly targeting grown-ups emphasize that any learning will have the desired benefit, only if it appeals to their key motivational factors – they could be either extrinsic (such as a higher pay or position) or intrinsic (such as joy or sense of accomplishment). Keeping this in mind will help make training more effective.

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