Involve In-house Trainers and SMEs in eLearning Initiatives

Involve In-house Trainers and SMEs in eLearning Initiatives

Involve In-house Trainers and SMEs in eLearning Initiatives

You might be gung-ho about your eLearning initiative and expect instructors and other resident experts to be equally enthusiastic. However, in many cases, especially for those of us who have trainers on our rolls, we might find them a bit resistant to eLearning – and understandably so. Standup trainers sometimes tend to look down upon eLearning as an ineffective yet expensive method of training. So, how do you get these reluctant experts on board?

Before answering that question, let’s look at where we can find in-house experts who can be potential resources/support for your eLearning initiative. The best place to start looking for eLearning experts is among your:

  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Technical Trainers
  • Sales Trainers
  • HR Team
  • Marketing Communication Team

Some of them are seasoned in training and understand what instructional design is all about. Others may not have classroom experience, but may be naturally inclined towards training. You might be wondering how a technical trainer can double as an eLearning expert. Well, remember, all these people are experts in their domain, and typically love to share their expertise to help others learn- which is what a large part of eLearning is all about. Most of the professionals listed above are also good communicators, as their everyday work involves sizeable communication.

These experts can provide much value to your eLearning team. Their insights and experience can serve as valuable inputs when developing your design and deploying your learning strategies. The sooner you get them on your side, the better!

Trainers / Teachers / Writers are excellent resources for eLearning: Without the involvement of resident experts, eLearning will NOT be successful.

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