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Useful Tips to Harness E-learning to Impart Product Training – Free Presentation

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Useful Tips to Harness E-learning to Impart Product Training - Free Presentation

It is well-known that products are the revenue generators of an organization and delivering good training to staff members on products is very important. But, how can firms provide impart product training of high efficacy to their people? Well, they need to use e-learning.

The online training medium is the best format to train your workforce on your products. E-learning modules can be accessed by your employees whenever and wherever they want, on the device of their choice. They are ideal to provide your salespeople and service technicians who travel extensively with the needed product knowledge. Another major advantage is that e-learning courses can be developed quickly. Today, thanks to rapid authoring tools like Articulate Storyline, it is possible to develop an online module of one hour in 20 days. This enables firms to reduce the time lag between product launches and training in a big way.

So, are you planning to use e-learning for product training? Well, we have come up with a presentation that enables you to develop an excellent online course to impart product training. The presentation shares proven tips such as:

  • Use online nuggets containing comparison tables to help learners understand the features of and compare various products of a product line
  • Harness the power of videos to demonstrate the working of products
  • Include customer testimonials about the benefits of your products to enable learners to remember the unique selling propositions (USPs) of the products
  • Create scenarios to explain the dos and don’ts of using products in an effective manner

To get more useful tips, check out the presentation.

View Presentation on How to Develop Online Product Training Course


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