E-learning Development: 4 Brilliant Tips to Manage Your SME

E-learning Development: 4 Brilliant Tips to Manage Your SME

Have you ever faced a problem while having a meeting with your subject matter expert? If yes, this blog will give you an idea to deal with it the best way.

In my work experience, I came across many SMEs, of which a few were as smooth as butter to take over while others were tough enough to explain and manage. Here, in this blog, I will explain the role of an SME and then share a few tips to manage them.

An SME is a key player of the project, and as the name suggests he is the EXPERT. He adds the information and meaning to the training process, by giving his time to explain the context. He is the one who clarifies the doubts and checks our final product.

I will now share a few secrets to manage them like a PRO.

  1. Treat their time as precious as possible: SMEs really have hard jobs, and they are busy with their tasks. Make sure you respect their time and never waste it by giving unpolished products. Always be prepared at your end to ask the right question which avoids wasting their time.
    Treat their time as precious as possible
  2. Make an agenda before having a call: It is a good practice to have a clear agenda before you talk to your SME. The clearer you are, the more flexible things are. For example, before the kickoff meeting, make sure you have listed your work process, stages of the process and deadlines.
    Make an agenda before having a call
  3. Ask for their availability: While planning for the project, it is important to know when the SME is available and when he is not. Ask for his travel plans and schedules that may impact execution of the project.
    Ask for their availability
  4. Update the status: One of the secrets to reach his heart on the professional front is to keep him updated on the status. Mailing the status on a daily basis will keep him assured that the things are running onthe correct path.
    Update the status

If you follow the above tips, you can ensure that the project proceeds smoothly. All you need to do is to be proactive and calm. Please do share your views.

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