5 Challenges Faced by E-learning Development Managers

5 Challenges Faced by E-learning Development Managers

Training Managers often face many challenges in their day to day life. I would like to share some of the challenges faced by Mike, an eLearning development manager in an esteemed organization.


  1. With many products being launched each year, creating an online training course for each product in short time.
  2. Each of these online training courses needs constant updation.
  3. Gen-Y employees use mobile devices a lot. So, all legacy courses need to be mobile compatible.
  4. No dedicated staff for developing and maintaining online courses.
  5. Limited Budget

Mike believed that all the above 5 challenges can be overcome with a simple solution. He decided to outsource eLearning to an eLearning vendor, who has expertise in Articulate Storyline.

Want to know why Mike moved to Articulate Storyline? Here we go:

1. Reduced development time:

In Articulate Storyline, you have predefined, attractive built-in templates. This means they are ready for use, without extra effort. This feature will help you develop eLearning courses quickly.

2. Developer friendly:

Articulate Storyline has various very useful features. Most importantly, one need not have programming knowledge to work with this tool. Hence, this tool is considered to be developer friendly.

3. Mobile compatibility:

Having outsourced to an Indian eLearning vendor, Mike thought that he will benefit from the dollar-rupee variation. This is how he managed to develop the eLearning courses, within the budget allocated.

This is how Mike overcame the challenges at his organization. What are the challenges you face as an eLearning development manager? Do share your thoughts in the feedback section.

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