E-learning Development and Film Making: What’s Similar?

E-learning Development and Film Making: What’s Similar?

Many companies, while outsourcing eLearning projects, don’t have a clear idea of the e-learning development process. They are not aware how an e-learning company works. When I gave a thought to it, I found a way to explain this process by comparing e-learning development with film-making.

The main objective of a film is to entertain, whereas, the objective of an eLearning course is to train.The objectives of these differ, but when we compare their processes, we find some similarities.Let’s see what they are.

e-Learning Courses – The Film

Here is a comparison of the roles and processes involved in eLearning development and film-making.

1. Learner – Audience

An eLearning course is developed keeping in mind a specific group of learners. A film is produced keeping in mind a specific group of audience. In both the cases, these people are referred to as target audience.

2. The inputs – Script of a Film

The inputs given by the SME contain the main content of the online course that has to be developed. A script of a film contains the main story of the film. So, we can compare an SME to a script writer and his inputs to the script of a film.

3. An Instructional Designer – Director

An instructional designer decides the instructional strategy for the course and designs a storyboard which elaborates on how every slide should be presented. Similarly, a director decides the genre of the film and writes a screenplay which elaborates on how every scene of a film should be shot. So, here we can compare an instructional designer to a director; his instructional strategy can be compared to the genre of a film and his storyboard to the screenplay of a film.

4. A Visual Designer – Art Director

A visual designer designs the user interface, in which we present all the content of the course, and tries to make the course visually look better. An art director of a film decides on how the sets or locations, where the scenes will be shot, should look like. So here, a visual designer can be compared to an art director.

There can be many other comparisons, but these are some of the similarities which I came across. If you find any other similarities, in these processes, please share them.

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