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Bridging the Gap: What should the eLearning Developer do?

Written By Rini Baby

Bridging the Gap: What should the eLearning Developer do?

For a course to be developed as an effective e-learning product, it needs the expertise of both the Subject Matter Expert (SME) and eLearning developer. Today, let’s look at a few expectations that a SME (ideally) has and what should an eLearning developer do.

A SME expects that eLearning developer should:

  • Make no demands on time
  • Understand the subject
  • Replicate PowerPoint as-is
  • Do not change the content
  • Deliver on time
  • Develop intricate animations
  • Work within budgets
  • Provide detailed information in courses
  • Understand what’s there in SMEs’ minds
  • Appreciate SMEs’ time and effort

For the above list of expectations from a SME, an eLearning developer should:

  • Appreciate that SMEs’ time is valuable and carefully plan to conserve it.
  • Read ALL the material given carefully
  • Explain the difference between a PPT and an eLearning course; provide sample courses
  • Explain learner challenges
  • Take the responsibility for delivery
  • Provide simpler alternatives
  • Provide cost-effective alternatives
  • Explain the concept of “Need to know” and “Nice to know” content
  • Ask questions
  • Be lavish with praise. They (the SMEs) deserve it

If we have a clear stack of expectations from a SME, it would be much easier to yield an effective e-learning product. But, this is not an exhaustive list of expectations. I’m sure there are many more points to be added on here. Would you like to share your opinion?

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  • Well I truly enjoyed reading it. This tip offered by you is very constructive for proper planning.