E-learning Design Process – An Infographic

E-learning Design Process – An Infographic

A good design is a symbol of smart decision. The eLearning designers know the importance of a good and visually rich course and hence keeping this factor in mind, they plan the eLearning design process in a way that can draw the learner’s attention.

Let us see the design process through an infographic.

The eLearning design process starts with the review scope and course specification. It requires the eLearning designer to review and analyze the content and know the learners of the course and specify that the storyboard requirements are within the scope. The designer then works with the Subject Matter Experts. The SMEs are the personnel who provide proper guidance, expertise and perspective of the course content. After the SME’s review and approval of the course content, the prototype and designing of the storyboard is done. The eLearning course is then developed out of the storyboard. The first version of the course may have some errors and inaccuracies.

Hence, proper review and evaluation of the course should be done before finalizing. After the course review the eLearning course is deployed through the LMS (Learning Management System)

The entire design process is explained below through an infographic.

E-learning Design Process - An Infographic

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