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6 E-learning Design Elements – An Infographic

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Here’s the recipe for making a perfect, effective, and engaging course. This info-graphic talks about the six design elements to make a good online course.

Having clear learning outcomes for the course helps learners appreciate the actual requirement of the given online course and helps them apply the same skills and/or knowledge at their respective workplaces.

By preparing a good outline for the eLearning course, learners can have a clear picture of the topics being covered in it and this effectively answers the question – “What’s in it for me?” Another point highlighted in this info graphic is that you need to have clear and simple screens. Heavy, long, and boring content on the screen puts off the learner. Having the screen with just the important points or a bulleted list or any interactivity will definitely engage the learner and helps in the long run to retain the knowledge.

6 E-learning Design Elements – An Infographic

For making the eLearning course a visual treat is another important aspect of eLearning design. Having images, videos or characters in the course makes learners get interested and increases their participation in the course. Interactivities are a must in an eLearning course. The learner explores and learns many unknown concepts that ultimately improve his understanding levels. Adding audio to the eLearning course breaks the monotony and adds authenticity to expert opinions presented in the course.

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