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Trends in E-learning Design and Development – Free Presentation

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Trends in E-learning Design and Development

As we know eLearning is known for its potential advantages such as saving time and cost and at the same time for its flexibility in allowing learners to access training anywhere and anytime. This is why eLearning has occupied the center stage of the corporate training arena.

But If you notice there are many shifts or trends that are becoming a buzz these days because of the improvementsin Technology and Learner Preferences.

Here are some of those trends

Trend 1: Rise of curriculums

Trend 2: Shorter learning modules

Trends 3: Responsive learning design

Trends 4: Updating existing courses

Trend 5: Translations

Trend 6: E-learning for training customers

If you are a marketing manager wondering how to promote your products online to generate more leads or a Training Manger interested in understanding how you can capitalize on eLearning, these trends can be of help to you. Access this presentation on “Trends in E-learning Design and Development”to find out more about the latest trends.

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  • Antoinette V

    This is a great article to have in mind when going through Performance Evaluations. Instructional Designers, Trainers, and E-learning Specialist save the company lots of money and resources.