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E-learning Design: A Few Tips to Use Visuals Effectively [Infographic]

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Visual design is a key element in e-learning courses. This info-graphic shares few design tips for using visuals effectively in online courses.

A picture is worth a thousand words. – Ancient proverb

Effective visual design plays a key role in the making of a good e-learning course. Proper use of images goes a long way in communicating the intended message, clearly and effectively. But, how can you formulate the right visual strategy for your online course? Well, you need to focus on a few important aspects when you use graphical elements in your e-learning course. Here is an info-graphic that lists these aspects and explains why they are very important.

E-learning Design: A Few Tips to Use Visuals Effectively [Infographic]

Hope you find this post interesting. How do you use visuals in your e-learning course? Do share with us.

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