Developing E-learning Courses to Impart Healthcare Training

Developing E-learning Courses to Impart Healthcare Training

Developing E-learning Courses to Impart Healthcare Training

New products are being launched by health care companies with increasing frequency. Sales personnel need to get updated with these products very quickly. They often find it hard to attend classroom training programs. Sales people need anywhere anytime access to training programs. E-learning is the ideal solution as it provides self-paced training. Now let’s see a case study, which explains how eLearning can be used to impart first-rate training to people of health care companies.

One of the leading health care training organizations approached us to develop an engaging and interactive curriculum that is compatible with iPads to teach complex concepts quickly and easily. They had three curriculums to be developed as eLearning courses with standard designs and also wanted these courses to be translated into three different languages. They wanted course to be developed in 3 months.

We followed the steps listed below to develop the online courses.

Used standardized templates

Keeping in mind the client requirement, we developed a library of standard templates for the course. We could reuse components from the library. This helped us reduce the course development time and ensure consistency.

Followed agile process to deliver the course

It is common knowledge that good communication with the client is the key to successful project execution. It enables us to meet customer requirements and offer excellent services. So, we followed the agile process to maintain continuous communication with the client. The agile process is a methodology, where pieces of project are sent to the client for early approval. Amendments or adjustments to the course can be made early at the development stage itself.

Used Storyline to create courses for the iPad

We chose Storyline to develop the curriculum. Using Storyline, we were able to incorporate rich interactivities in the eLearning courses. Using slide layers, states, triggers and variables, we created highly complex interactions. Using this tool, we converted the English course into different languages within the given timeline. Storyline is a very useful tool to convert existing learning content into HTML5 compatible courses, which are accessible on mobile devices.

We thus created the curriculum successfully. Hope you find this blog informative. Do share your views.

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  • Anil Kumar

    Guess it should read Pharma rather than Healthcare(the title). In healthcare an important aspect is to understand the organizational culture in developing e-learning modules. Another challenge in healthcare is that the wide spectrum of employees who need to be trained, going from the Ayyamma or ward boy at one end to the Clinical consultant at the other end. A major challenge in Health care is the accessibility to the computer for a large population whose computer literacy levels are questionable.