Using E-learning Courses for Company Policies

Using E-learning Courses for Company Policies

As a HR manager, you have the responsibility to ensure that all employees are aware of and adhere to the policies of your company. Gone are the days when bulky documents were given and employees were expected to study them. The need of the hour is to ensure that employees have easy access to the policy repository to refer and be well-versed in them so that there are no violations.

The most effective path to achieve this in today’s fast-paced environment is to use eLearning. An eLearning course is very versatile, in that it offers many avenues to present the content in an engaging, timely, self-paced manner.

1. Content Presentation

Your company may have rules pertaining to various areas such as medical, remuneration, vehicle insurances, leave policies and so on. All these can be presented as eLearning courses, either individually or as a comprehensive unit. An eLearning course provides many options to present the content depending on the size of the content, the target audience or your preference.

    • Using a scenario-based approach

In this approach, various policies can be presented in the form of a dialogue between two employees, such as a manager explaining to his subordinate, or as a discussion among peers. This helps learners identify themselves and understand the relevance of the policy to their role/position.

    • Using interactivities

If the content is small, appropriate interactivities such as ‘Click on Images/Tabs/Document Page,’ etc. can be used to present the content in an engaging manner.

  • Using characters to guide learners

The course can have a guide (such as a manager or an animated character) who will take employees through the course, introducing various policies, emphasizing the salient points and in an easy-to-relate environment.

2. Self-paced Learning

In eLearning, learners have the flexibility of taking up and finishing courses as per their convenience. You can allot a date by when they have to finish the course, but within that timeframe, they still retain the freedom of working at their pace. This will make them more receptive as mandatory tasks are seldom embraced eagerly. The course gives them the option of taking it at their convenience, on the device of their choice and at their desired location. Hence resistance is eroded.

3. Easy Testing

Testing employees on their knowledge of the polices also becomes very easy in an eLearning course as innovative, engaging methods can be used instead of the traditional, dreaded assessment practices.

For example, in scenario or character-based approaches, the question can be asked by the character/tutor and feedback as an explanation by the manager explaining why they are correct or incorrect.

Similarly, game-based assessments can be used in which for each correct answer, a piece of a puzzle is revealed or the learner clears some hurdle.

All these and more benefits await you if you switch to eLearning. Adopt them and see everyone at work becoming well-versed in the policies and adhering to them. This in turn, will increase efficiency multiple-fold and make the workplace a happy, conducive atmosphere.

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