3 Tips to Get a Quick Feedback for E-learning Courses from Multiple Stakeholders

3 Tips to Get a Quick Feedback for E-learning Courses from Multiple Stakeholders

E-learning developers and Stakeholders or SMEs need to work hand in glove to ensure the success of any eLearning initiative. One of the crucial aspects in the eLearning development process is implementing feedback from SMEs or Training Managers or Stakeholders. Sometimes, you may have multiple stakeholders and concurrence of all is essential before final release of the eLearning course. In this context, updating client/SME/stakeholders’ feedback in the course, plays a crucial role.

At times, managing the feedback process is not easy, especially when there are multiple stakeholders. I would like to share 3 tips on how to get quick feedback from multiple stakeholders, for your eLearning courses, with minimum iteration.

Tip 1: Have a call with all stakeholders at the same time

Once you have sent the first version of eLearning course for review to multiple stakeholders, one of the best ways to get feedback from all stakeholders is to setup a Video/ Telephone conference call for all and document all feedback in word/spreadsheet at one selected place.

Of course this could be challenging when interacting across multiple time zones or scheduling convenient time with multiple stakeholders. If such is the case, the second tip could be substituted for tip 1.

Tip 2: Make one stakeholder as PoC (Point of Contact)

Another option is to select one stakeholder/SME/client as point of contact, where that stakeholder will get feedback from all the others. It is important to have these arrangements frozen right at the beginning of the project, as ambiguity in terms of project ownership can lead to needless delays in project finalization.

Tip 3: Use change logs

It is always best to keep all stakeholders in the loop at every major project milestone. This can be done by building an Excel spreadsheet for the project and sharing it with all stakeholders.

Each screen in the course gets a single line (identified by the screen number and/or title), and each stakeholder gets his/her own column as shown below:

Use Change Logs

Feedback is to be filled in the appropriate cell, saved, and e-mailed back to the developer. (Make sure to format all the cells to allow word-wrapping!)

If stakeholders do this sequentially, then the second reviewer will see the comments of the first, etc. This ensures there are no duplications in comments, and no loss of time.

Also, if there are multiple rounds of reviews, it is best to use the same file; one can just add a second or third sheet.

If you are aware of any new tips and ways to get feedback from multiple stakeholders please share in the comment box below.

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