Best Ways to Present eLearning Content for Gen Y Sales Force

Best Ways to Present eLearning Content for Gen Y Sales Force

A lot is being talked about Gen Y or millennials and their typical traits. One of the qualities associated with Gen Y is that they prefer knowledge that is of immediate relevance to them. Therefore, content in eLearning has to be made relevant and purposeful to the target audience. Here are some of the best ways to present eLearning content for Gen Y sales force or millennial sales force.

Bite-size modules:

Content for Gen Y sales force needs to be created into small bite sized modules that are between 5-10mins. It could be a quick overview key product features, or usual customer objections and how to answer them. Gen Y finds this format of short and bite sized content easier to assimilate. The popularity of Twitter and Facebook in recent times is testimony to this trend.

Adaptable to multiple devices:

The content will have to be made adaptable to suit multiple devices. A sales person might decide to take a quick product tour before visiting a client and he may have access only to a smartphone. The content should be made appropriate for viewing in a smartphone. Devices used could be iPads, Smartphones, Tablet PCs or regular laptops. Ideally, the content will have to be modified based on the delivery device.

Available in multiple formats:

Similarly, imagine a situation where the sales person may not be able to view the product tour but would quickly like to go through the features while driving to a client’s place. If product features are made available in audio format, it would be very handy for the sales person. Don’t you think so? Therefore, content made available in different delivery formats such as audio, videos or simple plain downloadable PDFs will be a great asset to sales people considering their busy schedule.

Delivered in native language:

We have experienced that training programs in the native languages of learners is most effective. Therefore, for an organization spread across different geographical regions, it is always a good practice to translate the content into the language of your target audience if learning has to be effective. Therefore, we suggest content be made deliverable in multiple languages.

In short, content in a long theoretical format is less appealing to Gen Y or millennial sales force. Content needs to provide just-in-time learning where sales person can apply the knowledge gained immediately. The best way to achieve this is to present content in small modules and make them accessible through multiple devices, multiple formats and in the language they are most comfortable.