5 Pieces of E-learning Content Your Sales Team Will Love!

5 Pieces of E-learning Content Your Sales Team Will Love!

Product Training and marketing collateral are a must for your sales team to learn about products and markets and to perform well. Don’t you agree?

That is the reason; all major product companies develop a lot of eLearning on product training. For example, Lenovo, the world’s leading PC manufacturer trains their sales team on their ever growing products through eLearning. Mettler Toledo, a leading precious equipment company, trains their sales and service staff through extensive eLearning.

So, what should your eLearning content have, so that the sales people find it useful? Your content should help the sales team understand the key value that brings it to its customers – value that helps customer get excited to buy your product.

Informative and right marketing and sales content will go a long way in converting prospects into your loyal customers. Customers get convenience when they find that your sales team:

  • Apart from having a complete understanding of the product and services, also has information about their specific industry.
  • Is aware of the best practices that make the product efficient and long lasting
  • Is a thought leader and can help you guide through to take the most appropriate decision, when needed

E-learning content should help your sales teams achieve these objectives. So, here are the 5 pieces of content that you need to add while you develop eLearning that is very effective.

1. Case Studies

With sales force spread all over the globe, success stories of one region can be shared with other sales teams effectively by adding case studies in eLearning. Case studies showcase the work we have done in the marketplace and will help the team see a real life example and implement the same at their workplace.

The case studies should cover the major challenges the customer had and how our product helped the customer.

Case studies

Customer stories are a great source of data a salesman looks for. By adding good client scenarios, you can make product training very effective.

2. Job Aids

These are tools and tips that can help sales people on their job. These are byte sized information nuggets about the products that can help the sales person at the point of sale. Adding these job aids as resources or info graphics within the eLearning course will make the course more useful for the sales team.

Job Aids can be Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their responses. FAQs are very useful in handling difficult customers and objections and the process of engaging your prospects and converting them into customers.

This is an interesting template from Articulate Storyline to develop FAQs quickly.

Job aids

3. Comparison Sheets

These are specific details about product specifications, and how it is different from the other product range in that segment. This will help the salesperson differentiate the key features and help them in marketing this product. This is useful when the company has many products in the same product range.

4. ROI Calculator

This is something both customers and sales people would love. Customers would love to see the amount of return they are making on their investment and how it is better than other products in the market. Salesmen can help customers in determining how this product can help them reduce the cost in the long term, even though the initial cost looks high at the outset.

Adding an ROI calculator in your eLearning course will make the sales team understand the various aspects of cost and how it will benefit the customer. Many organizations have now created eLearning apps for calculating product ROIs.

5. Competitor Comparisons

When your sales team completes the demonstration of product features and key benefits, the customer naturally wishes to know how your product compares with the product of your competitor. Competitor comparison sheets are good tools to differentiate your product with others, and let the numbers speak for themselves. It is very important to add how competitors stand in the market, comparing them with different parameters. We need to add this in our eLearning courses so that the sales team is better equipped when they out in the market.

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If you add these 5 elements in your eLearning courses, your sales team will be eager to complete these courses and get ready for a good call with prospects and convert them into customers.

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