Tapping Your Existing Content

Tapping Your Existing Content

Tapping Your Existing Content

Typically most organizations are sitting on a mountain of content, which could be in the form of existing PPTs, handouts, manuals, movies, videos and more. However, when developing eLearning courses, organizations sometimes tend to overlook what they already have and try to reinvent the wheel i.e., develop content from scratch.

But, such an approach could be costly and time-consuming, and can cause a complete breakdown of processes and programs. All we have to sometimes do is convert this existing ILT material into eLearning courses after suitable tweaking and treatment as required.

Look at what you already have and identify content that is best suited to elearning. You can then leverage your existing content by converting your ILT to eLearning using Rapid authoring tools such as Articulate or Lectora or Captivate. This eLearning can be used as a refresher and save a lot of time and cost.

To better use existing content, here are a few broad recommendations around your content strategy.

  • Use Virtual trainings with immediate effect – it doesn’t require any extensive development time.
  • Check out what kind of learning needs can be met by off-the-shelf catalogue content.
  • Convert existing ILT trainings into eLearning.

What according to you are the best ways to tap your existing content when developing eLearning courses?

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  • Knowledge managemet portal if existing, could be a great source. But mostly they are non functional. It is the motivated and self directed learning and training professinals who can take lead in collect, collate and have some thing meaningful out of the heap of content thay are seating on.