Benefits of eLearning to the Learner

Benefits of eLearning to the Learner

ELearning, the self-paced facility is a powerful incentive for learning as learners can set their own pace without getting slowed down or hurried up by other learners. It also helps meet the needs of diverse learners by making a variety of instructional activities available. Let’s look at a few other advantages of e-Learning to the Learner.

A few powerful benefits of eLearning for the learner include the following:

  • Asynchronous, self-paced e-learning addresses the need for training to be available at the moment of need. Learners don’t have to wait to be scheduled for training, but can register themselves and take courses whenever they have the need. This is the most powerful benefit for the learner as it enables him/her to equip himself/herself by taking advantage of the just-in-time nature of eLearning.
  • This medium of learning is suited to all learners – including slow and fast learners. They don’t have to make the entire class match their pace – reducing their anxiety and increasing their motivation for learning. Knowing that online materials are available at any time reduces stress.
  • As eLearning can easily be accommodated within a regular work schedule without involving any travel, more learners are likely to take up online courses. Hence the completion rates will be higher.
  • Well-designed online courses can cater to various learning styles of learners by providing more than one way to learn or assimilate content.
  • Learners also can be given the option of exploring topics in depth based on their inclination and current level of knowledge.
  • Learners who travel frequently, such as sales people can even access courses on their PDAs and mobile phones, thus enabling learning on the go.

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