15 E-learning Blogs that Address Various Aspects of Online Training

15 E-learning Blogs that Address Various Aspects of Online Training

15 E-learning Blogs that Address Various Aspects of Online Training

We are celebrating our 15th anniversary this September. Over the years, we have published more than 3600 blogs, which have been very well-received by the L&D fraternity. Today, in this blog, I would like to share 15 of our best posts covering topics such as e-learning design, online course development, social learning, mobile learning, LMS administration and e-learning translations. These blogs have been selected based on their importance to e-learning development and implementation as well as their relevance to the current L & D challenges. Let’s see what they are.

E-learning Design

1. 10 Questions to Ask Your Stakeholders About the Target Audience: A Picto-Blog

Proper analysis of learners is vital to the creation of a good online course and memorable learning experiences. This blog, written by an expert instructional designer, lists 10 questions that go a long way in understanding the target audience of your e-learning course.

2. Discover The Kid in You Through E-learning

We all love to play and win. Don’t we? Here is an excellent blog by a veteran e-learning professional that shares a few very useful tips to make your online courses fun-filled and deliver highly effective training in a stress-free environment.

3. 7 E-learning Design Elements that will Make a Difference

What makes a good e-learning course? How can you ensure that your online learners are engaged effectively? Well, here is a blog by a highly talented e-learning designer that lists 7 critical elements you need to focus on to make your online course a big hit.

4. 3 Methods to Engage Gen-Y

According to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), millennial comprise half of the global workforce, by 2020. Here is a blog by an experienced instructional designer that shares 3 proven tips to create online courses that engage “screenage” learners effectively.

Social Learning

5. Why Should Social Media Awareness Training for Employees Be Mandatory?

It is common knowledge that social media have become an integral part of our lives. Companies need to train their personnel on the use of social media to prevent untoward consequences. Check out this informative blog by a highly accomplished writer to know why.

Online Course Development

6. Adobe Captivate: The Ideal Tool for Online Simulations

Simulations are very useful to impart very effective training on software applications and complex equipment. Read this fine blog to find out how Adobe Captivate can be used to develop high quality software simulations efficiently.

7. 3 Tips to Add YouTube Videos to E-learning Courses

We are all aware of the ripples created by YouTube in the online world. Many a developer wish to include good videos on this platform in their e-learning courses. Here is a very good blog that shares 3 tips to include YouTube videos in your online courses.

8. Printing Results in a HTML Page, without Articulate Storyline’s GUI

Articulate Storyline is a highly flexible rapid authoring tool that can be used to meet a wide variety of learning requirements. Here is a blog that explains how to print results in an exclusive HTML page, without displaying the GUI of Storyline.

9. How to Make Your E-learning Course Responsive on Multiple Devices?

According to a survey conducted by Google, 98% of Internet users switch between devices with varying screen sizes in a single day. Check out this blog to know how you can make your courses responsive to meet the learning needs of your people who use multiple devices.

Mobile Learning

10. 5 Questions you Need to Ask Before Designing a Course for the iPad

According to the Mac Observer, 94% of Fortune 500 companies are either using or testing iPads. Do you too wish to climb the iPad bandwagon? Well, here is a blog that lists 5 important aspects to be borne in mind while designing a course for this tablet device from Apple.

11. How to Build an M-learning Template With Storyline?

Creation of m-learning templates is very useful to reduce the time, expenditure and effort involved in the development of a good course for the mobile. Here is a blog written by a talented online course developer which explains how to use Articulate Storyline to build a m-learning template.

12. 5 Steps to Kick-Start M-learning in Your Organization

Are you planning to harness the full learning potential of the mobile? Do you wish to implement m-learning in a hassle-free manner? Then, you need to read this informative blog, written by a seasoned e-learning project manager who has handled several m-learning projects.

LMS Administration

13. How Can You Host Video-based Learning Content on LMS?

Videos are very useful tools to impart highly effective training. Here is a blog written by an expert e-learning professional with over a decade of experience that provides valuable insights into the hosting of videos on an LMS.

E-learning Translations

14. Proven Tips to Prevent E-learning Translation Cost Overruns

How can you produce good translations of your online courses? What does it take to prevent cost overruns of your e-learning translation project? To find out, check out this blog written by an experienced e-learning professional.

15. Translations of Flash E-learning Courses Made Easy with TLF Text

It is well-known in the e-learning world that Flash is a very powerful and highly flexible authoring tool. Here is a blog that explains how translations of online courses developed using this product from Adobe can be made simple using TLF text.

Hope you liked these blogs. Do share your views.

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