E-Learning 101 – Fundamentals of eLearning – Download Free eBook

E-Learning 101 – Fundamentals of eLearning – Download Free eBook

E-Learning 101 - Fundamentals of E-Learning

Business scenario was never so dynamic before and so is the technology that is driving the markets today. There is a constant need to train employees so that they are in tune with current business demands and are equipped to face the challenges facing their organizations. ELearning can be a viable option to fulfill this need.

According to statistics published by elearningindustry.com, currently 77% of American Corporations are using online learning methods. It was only 4% in the year 1995! ELearning course development has metamorphosed from simple page-turner type of courses to more complex interactive and engaging eLearning courses. Today, eLearning is a 56.2-billion dollar business and it is estimated that the figures are likely to double before 2015.

This is not surprising because eLearning enables training to be accessible quickly and easily in the form of online course modules. Organizations spread across different geographical regions can save on duplication of training efforts by developing courseware once and deploying it to their employees across the enterprise irrespective of where they are located. When developed and deployed according to the learning objectives or training needs, eLearning can help organizations to improve the efficiency of their employees and attain business objectives.

To capitalize the potential of eLearning and implement eLearning in organizations, it is good to have a basic understanding of what eLearning is all about and how it is developed.

Download this complimentary eBook titled, E-learning 101 and gain a comprehensive understanding about eLearning implementation in organizations.

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