How Sales Training can be Improved with eLearning?

How Sales Training can be Improved with eLearning?

Most organizations invest huge amounts of money on Sales Training. After all, only when these professionals who generate revenue through sales are proficient in their jobs, can they be able to generate more sales and thereby help fuel organizational growth. eLearning is a means by which organizations can meet the training requirements of their sales personnel.

Here are some of the reasons to support this argument:

Reach out to more sales people: When courses are available online, you can have more sales people benefit from them. If you have to train all your sales personnel quickly, traditional methods may not be a viable option. Not all may be able to attend classroom training sessions for one reason or another. With e-learning, getting them onboard gets easier and faster.

Standardized training with high quality: eLearning courses are typically designed keeping in mind the principles of instructional design. The best trainer in the organization can be the SME who can guide the company in designing the course as per its needs. The trainer’s expertise and proficiency can be capitalized to benefit every sales person in the company instead of just a select few.

Caters to the individual pace and preferences: Some of your sales people might want to start their day viewing your motivational sales training courses. Others might want to use their time in between meetings or in a lean period to take up the courses. Some may not find it effective to devote their time at a stretch to the course and may want to take breaks in between. Online training provides them the choice and control to learn at their pace as per their individual preferences.

Better ROI: When an eLearning course is created, it benefits the sales team of today, tomorrow and the one who will join the company after a few months as well. Imagine a new sale executive who joined today had to be trained on the company’s sales process. What would you do? You might have to wait for a next batch of trainees before he is brought up to speed with company’s policies and procedures. Instead, if you had a sales process training course available online, he could access it immediately and start delivering results faster.

Reduced cost: Courses are developed once but are used repeatedly by several sales personnel. There is only a one-time cost of development involved in its preparation which is far less than the recurring costs incurred on travelling, accommodation and logistics each time traditional classroom training needs to be organized. You do not require classroom training for all purposes – such as for product training or sales process training. Such training can be easily done online through e-learning courses.

Using eLearning for sales training ensures that you reach out to the largest number of sales personnel. You can also explore the possibility of having several motivational and inspirational courses which can be deployed to sales people periodically to improve their productivity.