10 More Tips for Effective Time Management

10 More Tips for Effective Time Management

10 More Tips for Effective Time Management

In the earlier post, we looked at some tips on effective time management. Let’s look at a few more ways to manage our time productively.

1. Stick to a schedule and allot a timeframe to each task: Follow your schedule so that you become more productive and waste as little time as possible by allotting a specific time for each of your tasks. You could also check every item and make the best use of your natural energy cycles. There are times when we have the maximum vitality just as there are periods when we are sluggish.

2. Avoid being a perfectionist: Perfectionism often turns us into a procrastinator. Investing sufficient time in any trivial event may cost you valuable time. There’s a lot of truth in the adage, “Time is Money,” so pay heed to time that’s passing us by.

3. Managing interruption: It helps you to keep at bay all those unwanted events such as attending to unwanted calls during your work hours. It leads to distraction from your work and you lose focus within you. Often, we lose much of our time in searching for files, which dwindles down our productivity.

4. Be flexible: This is about balancing your own life. Spare some time for your own family and personal tasks. It re-invigorates your mind by balancing stress and increases your energy levels.

5. Be a good decision-maker: Often, a wrong decision made at the wrong time may cost you dearly. Implementing your decision-making tools and prioritizing your work can help you to solve problems without being chaotic.

6. Learn to say “No” to trivial tasks: Refuse to do trivial tasks except in an emergency. Emphasize instead on important tasks that have long-term goal implications. Be firm in achieving your deadlines and do today what can be done today.

7. Retrospection of your work: Examine your work and evaluate the progress you have made towards your goals.

8. Enjoy your task: Without dwelling too much on your failures, try to learn from the mistakes you have made. Enjoy your task at hand and find ways to succeed.

9. Reward yourself: For every small task that you accomplish within a timeframe, reward yourself for the feat. Such rewards instill self confidence and a “feel good” factor in you which drive you to reach the next frontier.

10. Apply common sense: Last but not the least, we all know that time management is a myth. Rather, it is all about managing one’s behavior. So, apply your common sense at each level of managing time.

I hope these tips will help those of us who still believe that 24 hours are not enough to accomplish our goals.

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