10 Tips to Become a More Effective Learner

10 Tips to Become a More Effective Learner

Learning is an acquired process in response to man’s insatiable curiosity. Sheer attitude and self-discipline distinguish a common learner from an effective one. Thus, the million dollar question that arises is “how” to procure this skill. How can one embellish the learning process so that it becomes easier for us to assimilate?

Here are the ways which we all need to ponder over:-

1. Learning is one of the basic elements of the D-R-L-A cycle (Do–Review-Learn-Apply). It is one of the most important reflective approaches to learning which links up with more connected knowledge followed by devising a wide array of strategies. Once an effective learner abides by the cycle, it streamlines the process of learning as every subsequent step is inter-related to each other as a ripple in a pond.

2. According to human psychology, the more you practice, the more it gets attached to the system. It’s being observed that the more we practice, the amount of grey matter (in the brain) increases. Thus, we need to hone our learning skills through sheer practice.

3. Read professional journals/books/quality magazines, etc. Inculcate the reading habit as it helps to give a deeper insight into the latest research, trends and issues. Thus, it ensures increasing the landscape of learning.

4. Be inquisitive or curious to delve deeper into the resources so collected. Develop the tendency to come out of your own periphery and go beyond it.

5. Develop your own style of learning, such as visual, auditory, musical, verbal and logical. The onus is upon you to see which one suits you.

6. Ask questions and clarify your doubts. This is more relevant in a pedagogy style of learning. Don’t get bogged down by the fear of making mistakes or asking the wrong questions. No one gets everything right in the first try, and in order to really learn, you have to get it wrong, make mistakes and then keep going till you master it. Once your doubts are answered, take note of whatever you learn. Make a summary of it as this distills the information into its most important components. Go over the notes regularly to reinforce the information procured.

7. Be an active listener, get focused and avoid cram sessions. Thus, structure your process of learning. One good method you can apply to enrich the learning process is to use acronyms or mnemonics. You could also use a flash card with keywords.

8. Discuss what you’ve learned. Discussing or debating a subject with another person can give you a completely new perspective on any subject. It is an acid test of how much you have learned. Utilize your resources at your disposal.

9. Hone the learning skill by having an open mind and be pragmatic.

10. Lastly, be honest with yourself, because effective learners don’t skip work just because it is hard to do.

What are your favorite tips from the ones I’ve listed? Do share your views; I’d love to hear from you.

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