Does Feedback in Assessments Make E-learning More Effective?

Does Feedback in Assessments Make E-learning More Effective?

Does Feedback in Assessments Make E-learning More Effective?

How do you react, when you complete the internal or formative assessment and do not get the right answer?

When I ask for feedback from my colleagues or friends after completing a task, I really don’t want feedback! What I am looking for is appreciation, more appreciation and again some more appreciation. When I get enough of appreciation, then I am ready for some real feedback – to get things right. I am sure you also feel the same, don’t you?

Feedback in Assesments

This is also the case, when giving feedback for eLearning assessments, especially the formative ones, where the purpose is not to evaluate, but to reinforce learning.

“Computer Assisted Assessment (CAA) provides the means for shifting from the instructor-centered to the learner-centered paradigm” (May, 2000), (Huba & Freed, 2000), (Wood & Burrow, 2002). Huba outlined four fundamental elements of learner-centered assessment as shown below.

Assessment Process

Source: The Assessment Process (Huba & Freed, 2000)

You should first define the learning outcomes and then develop assessment to match these learning outcomes. When you assess the learners, make sure you offer an positive experience that reinforces learning. Feedback to the wrong answers should be in a way that it also improves learning.

Here are 5 tips to give feedback for formative assessments, which enhances learner experience:

Tip1: Give at least one additional chance to get to the right choice. This is not only help learners know what is not right, but also gives him another opportunity to try and succeed. When you get the right answer, learning is reinforced.

Tip2: Give options that are nearly right, so that the learner selects the most appropriate one. When the learner doesn’t answer correctly, we can give an encouraging feedback like “You are nearly there, try again”.

Tip3: You can also evaluate if you wish to give tips to the learner, if he wishes to use them.

Tip4: Sometimes, you can continue to bring up the same question till the learner gets it right. In the process, learner will know what all options that are not quite right.

Tip5: Finally, when the learner answers correctly, don’t just say “That’s right, click next to continue”. Here you can again reinforce knowledge as to why the answer is right.

I would love to hear your experience, of how you felt when you got feedback from colleagues and friends and especially feedback in your eLearning courses.

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