4 Tips for Effective Audio Narration in E-learning Courses

4 Tips for Effective Audio Narration in eLearning Courses

4 Tips for Effective Audio Narration in eLearning Courses

Audio is an essential component that makes your eLearning course complete. Effective use of audio in eLearning makes courses engaging and helps the learner retain information for a long time. When we develop an eLearning course, we spend a lot of time deciding on the visual elements and tend to ignore the audio.

In this blog, I’ll discuss a few tips for effective audio narration in an eLearning course.

1. Have a Conversational Tone

To make the course engaging, it is very important to use a conversational tone for audio narration. This helps the learner get connected with the course at an emotional level, and thereby, makes it interesting. The narration should be informational as well as motivational.

In order to motivate the learner with narration, we can use certain phrases such as”Wow”, “Sorry”, “That’s Great” etc.

2. Ensure Appropriate Use of Audio

It is important to know when the audio should be concise and when it should be elaborate. If you have heavy text on the screen, then the audio should provide the summary of the on-screen text. This is because reading the entire text on the screen increases the cognitive load on the learner.

In the same way, if you have small stand-alone sentences on the screen, the audio must be elaborated and the concept needs to be explained in detail.

3. Use Descriptive Audio for Visuals

Sometimes, we may have to show certain animations or complicated flow charts on the screen. In such cases, each step of the animation or flow chart should be explained clearly using audio as the on-screen text “runs”. Effective use of audio and visuals helps the learner understand the concept clearly.

4. Emphasize the Key Points

A learner would show more interest in the course when he finds it beneficial or relevant to him. The key takeaways of every must be emphasized using audio. This strategy gives a great learning experience to the learner. It is a very powerful and meaningful way to teach them.

I hope you find this blog informative. Do share your views.

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