3 Major Factors to Create Effective Content for an E-learning Course

3 Major Factors to Create Effective Content for an E-learning Course

3 Major Factors to Create Effective Content for an E-learning Course

The primary goal of training managers is to improve learner’s performance and efficacy. So, how can they effectively achieve this objective?

E-learning is one of the possible answers. Effective e-learning helps people to get trained with new skills, and knowledge. One of the essential requirements for building an effective e-learning course is to make content simple for the learners to understand easily. Let see some tips to develop an effective content for an e-learning course.

Write E-learning Content Simple and Clear:

To create an effective e=learning course, the content has to be very clear, simple and straight. Use good presentation patterns and simple interactivities to teach e-learning. When we teach a subject, we should use simple words that everybody understands easily. Avoid complex words that could confuse learners. Use simple and short sentences as they enhance the clarity of e-learning. Give real time examples to understand the concepts. Prepare assessments relating to the content to assess the learners’ knowledge. Choose information that is essential and avoid unnecessary content that is not directly related to the learning objective.

Visuals and Infographics: Visuals play a vital role in creation of e-learning courses. Using visuals according to the content, increases learners’ participation and performance. They should be presented in such a way that just by seeing the visuals, learners should be able to understand the concept easily. Avoid overloading the course with too many visuals and maintain a balance between text and visuals. Real photographs and graphics will help learners to retain the information.

Most of us do not give adequate importance to the usage of infographics in e-learning. But, info graphics are powerful elements that help learners to recall the information. Using infographics in e-learning helps increase learners’ performance as complex information is presented in a simple format. It is very difficult to present the information related to process and timeline events in a text format. However, when you create infographics, these subjects can be presented in an easily understandable format.

Narration: Narration will engage learners and give necessary instructions throughout the e-learning course. Learners get bored, if the entire course includes audio that merely repeats on screen text. For example a course of30 minutes should be supported with just 15 to 20 minutes audio. Narration should not intrude into comprehension process but should actively support it.

These are 3 major factors that should be considered to enhance the quality of content in an e-learning course. Please do share your thoughts.

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