Requisites Of A Job Market – Education Or Experience

Requisites Of A Job Market – Education Or Experience

Requisites Of A Job Market - Education Or Experience

Many a time, while choosing a candidate for a job you would have to make a choice between the two requisites, education or experience. Here, you need to play your cards with caution, for your decision has a lot of bearing on adding value to the position. If you choose the experienced person, you may have the advantage of reducing the start-up time because on job experience enables the employee to adapt to the new role and deliver the goods in quick time.

However, all kinds of experience need not be relevant to the field advertised. Besides, experienced people sometimes come with rigid work practices which may not suit your culture. Selecting such employees can be counterproductive. This will affect the other employees’ morale and eventually coordination and productivity too.

Therefore, consider the following while making your decision:

Job requirements

Consider whether the job you advertise needs an experienced person. For instance, if the job needs a person with a Master’s degree and more than 10 years’ experience and you have a candidate with four years’ experience, you had better look for a candidate with the required years of experience. This is because a Master’s degree cannot cover lack of experience. In case the position is at a junior level and the work is less complex, there is no point in choosing an experienced person.

On the other hand, if the work is complex and you cannot afford learning time and training for your new hire, you cannot risk taking in an inexperienced person. Instead, you should choose the experienced person with relevant expertise, despite his lack of sufficient formal education.

Educational qualifications

Like all experiences, all educational qualifications can never be relevant to your field. You need to consider whether the degree or diploma your candidate holds is relevant to your area of work and whether it is from a reputed university. Consider the projects he has worked on during his study years. This experience, if similar to your area of work, can enable him to quickly adjust to your work setting.

In addition, check if the university has a well-structured alumni network. This may get you additional resources, if needed.

The company culture

This is an important aspect because it will affect the survival of the incoming employee. Supposing your workforce has high educational qualifications and they value this fact, they may not adapt to colleague with low qualifications or this will affect team compatibility.

Therefore, consider all aspects concerning the position you are hiring for before you make a final decision. The decision you make should get the right person to fit the position advertised and ensure that he is happy and grows in the Company.

Do share your thoughts on the same.

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  • I would consider both (industry) experience and qualifications however my preference would be adaptability of candidate, problem solving skills in unknown situations, ability to energise team work and case studies from his/her career that support this.

  • Jacqueline M. Walters

    I would choose a talented-plus candidate, who is inner-directed, an emotional intelligence model, who possess the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself and employees. Trained in diversity and inclusion. A candidate who meets the organization’s culture and recruitment metrics in education, experience, skills, ability to communicate effectively, personality, magnetism, passionate, compassion, socially bold with contagious motivation and the know how to get the best performances out of employees.

  • I have known people who have had an education from good universities with high QPA’s who could not apply what they learned. One of these was even a coop student who had been working for the company as a technician. HE was hired as an engineer when he graduates and could not even begin to design a simple oscillator circuit.
    I worked my first several years in the industry without a degree and during that time designed 4 top selling products and another product whose features soon became industry standards.
    So you can see from this that you need to look at the job requirements and the candidate and choose the one that is the best fit.

    In your Company culture paragraph I would have to disagree with what yo have written. To fill a department based on degrees and which school will eventually cause problems. Possible causes school rivalries, aspects of what was learned, egos etc.
    The work force need to be diverse to get the job done.

  • Shamaila Ambreen

    What i think, both matters experience as well as Qualification, Many companies and organizations seek experienced employees rather highly qualified, and many have criteria of Masters degree with 2 or 3 years experience in relevant field.I consider if one has sufficient qualification with excellent report writing, verbal skills,and other technical skills and have more practical experience in relevant field should be preferred. One who is new in field takes more time in learning which mostly organizations dont have. So Adequate qualification + Experience is preferred.

  • Quynh Nguyen

    I lean towards what Joseph Mullin wrote above. Candidates who have extra years and areas of experience can self-start and quickly become the organization’s assets. On the other hand, candidates who meet the education requirements but lack hands-on problem solving skills could slow down productivity and/or become the group’s liabilities. Unless all applicants come equipped with both degrees and experience, I think experience does hold practical values and therefore deserves not to be overlooked.

  • I am a strong believer who endorses that experience is much more important than the Qualification of a person, Any educational qualification will not be equal to the real time, hands on experience of a person.

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