Lights – Camera – Learn!! Drama Element in E-learning

Lights - Camera - Learn!! Drama Element in E-learning

Lights - Camera - Learn!! Drama Element in E-learning

Welcome to today’s blog post. I’ve come across several articles that compare eLearning development process with that of feature films. One common step involved in the development process of both these is the storyboarding. What is that we do in a storyboard? We write the screenplay for the course similar to film makers. In today’s post, I want to discuss about the advantages of using one key element from the feature films in your eLearning courses – drama.

Add Life to Your Course: Drama brings life to your boring courses, if used properly. Generally, we use avatars and scenarios to interest the learners and make them understand the concepts better. In these scenarios, we add call outs in a comic style and develop conversations between the characters to bring in a realistic look. I’ve recently witnessed a course that had taken this approach one step further. The course used the familiar scenario-based learning approach, but in the form of videos. Instead of digitally created avatars and characters, they’ve used real artists to enact the scenario and the same has been recorded in a film. This brought in a lot of difference in the course. The course, like a good TV show, had the attention of the audience throughout.

Add Life to Your Course

Let Your Course Express Itself to The Learner: Drama need not be only through a video. There are many ways to integrate drama into your course to make it more expressive. I know expressive isn’t a word often used with anything other than living beings. But yes! A course can also be expressive. A good example would be using emoticons in assessments. For example, if the learner has selected the wrong answer, you could display a sad emoticon that says “Oops! You’re almost there. Shall we try once again?” Here the course has expressed that it’s sorry for the learner’s performance and encourages him to give another shot. Isn’t this expressive? This makes a lot of difference to the learner and connects to him at an emotional level.

Let Your Course Express Itself to The Learner

Finally, I would say it is never too late to unleash your creative side. Anything and everything can be made to look better and personified in an eLearning course. Adding a little drama element to your training programs will make them stand out as long as you plan and predict the learner experience.

Hope you find this post interesting.

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