Why, Where and How do we Use Drag and Drop in E-learning?

Why, Where and How do we Use Drag and Drop in E-learning?

why, where and how do we use drag and drops

Initially creating a drag & drop assessment was difficult. It required lot of time for a programmer to create it, which ultimately leads to more cost. Thus, the drag and drops were not used much in the elearning courses. But now this is not the same; with the availability of rapid development tools it is very easy to create drag and drops in less time, in fact in just a few minutes.

Today the challenge is why, where and how do we use drag and drops.

Usually assessments are created based on the verbs we use for learning objectives. I have found an Interesting diagram of Blooms Taxonomy created by Mr. Rod Ward.

The verbs highlighted in blue are used to develop the drag and drop assessments. The basic reason to use drag and drops is when there is a decision making required by learners. The use of drag and drops is the best way to engage the learners and grab their interest. This is where distractors play an important role for decision-making activities. The correct option among three wrong or flawed options allows learners to get a deeper understanding about the options and make the required decisions.

There are many creative ways in representing single or multiple drag and drops.

Here are a few examples we have created in our courses.




This is how you can use drag and drops in eLearning. Have anything to share? Please do so!

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