Top 10 Discussions on the eLearning Edge LinkedIn Group

Top 10 Discussions on the eLearning Edge LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn is the popular social networking site most preferred by people in professional occupations. For eLearning professionals, it’s an ideal platform to associate with eLearning fraternities. There are more than 620 eLearning-related groups in LinkedIn. Among them, the eLearning edge group has been ranked in the 5th place. This group has been facilitating professional discussions between individuals in the training domain and eLearning industry since 2009.

Additionally, members get periodic alerts to resources such as eLearning kits, training presentation, courses, webinars and eBooks. The group touched the 10,000 mark this last year, up from 4000 in 2012. Hence, with the increase in the number of members, the group has also witnessed increasing number of discussions in 2103. Let’s look at the top 10 discussions of this group in 2013.

1. Does the eLearning mobile have a future?

This discussion has topped all the discussions with 30 comments. Mobile apps, iPads for the sales force and mobile learning as performance support are the highlights of the discussion. (Link to the discussion)

2. Authoring software to build courses

This discussion is about developing courses using rapid authoring tools. Members have suggested, Articulate, Storyline, iSpring and Captivate 7 as the top tools to develop courses. (Link to the discussion)

3. Best online meeting software

One of the members posted in the discussion for the best online meeting software because it is necessary for virtual online training. Members have thrown various comments suggesting different software for the requirement. WebEx is the most suggested of all. (Link to the discussion)

4. LMS that can integrate ERP software

The discussion is about integrating SAP with the existing LMS. Many vendors have come up recommending their own LMS, but Moodle is the most heard of in all the recommendations. (Link to the discussion)

5. Responsive HTML5

The discussion is about responsive HTML5 eLearning courses that automatically adjust with the varying screen sizes of Smartphones, PCs and tablets. Check the discussion to know more about responsive HTML5 and how it helps eLearning. (Link to the discussion)

6. Adobe Presenter – Yay or Nay?

One of the members in the group wanted to migrate a set of 15 self-paced classes (PPT+narration+quizzes+SCORM compliant) from an older platform (Hughes Presenter) to Adobe Presenter; hence, the member was seeking advice on the tool, Adobe Presenter. (Link to the discussion)

7. Is online education as effective as traditional education?

Members have opined that it depends on the requirements and most of them expressed that online and classroom training complement each other. Both have their pros and cons and the key is to blend both in a way that ensures effective learning. (Link to the discussion)

8. E-learning with live facilitator-led training to impart sales training

The discussion is about combining classroom training with e-Learning. Members opined that blended learning with a larger e-learning component is ideal to impart training to sales personnel. They also expressed that online learning when combined with facilitator-led training brings a touch of reality and a totally different component to the training aspect. (Link to the discussion)

9. Gamification in eLearning

The discussion is about including the concept of games in eLearning and on LMS, so that the learners will come back for more. This is an excellent discussion that also talked about the role of storytelling and scenarios in eLearning. (Link to the discussion)

10. Migration from Flash to HTML5

The discussion is about making Flash courses compatible with HTML5. Go to the discussion to know the various ideas that members shared to make Flash courses compatible with HTML5. (Link to the discussion)

These are the top 10 discussions for 2013. Join the eLearning edge group today to network with eLearning professionals, training managers and instructional designers.

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