Some Interesting Session Topics of Devlearn 2015 Conference

Some Interesting Session Topics of Devlearn 2015 Conference

Some Interesting Session Topics of Devlearn 2015 Conference

Dev Learn 2015 conference, which is going to be held in Las Vegas, USA from September 30 – October 2, has some very interesting sessions on technology-enabled learning. Our US and UK learning consultants Dr. Terry Heiney and Dr.Micheal Reakes will be attending this conference. Here are some of the exciting concurrent session topics.

1. Free or Low-cost Learning Tools

Learning and development professionals always think that the tools required to develop courses are expensive and difficult to use. Here is a session where you will come to know about a large number of development tools that are free and inexpensive.

2. Navigating Today’s Learning Metaverse

Technology is changing rapidly. We do often hear many new innovations in this field. It has definitely a great impact on how the training will be delivered in future. In this session, you will learn about the current and the emerging learning technologies that is essential information for every learning and development professional.

3. Patterns for Successful Mobile Learning Games

Mobile learning and gamification are the top trends in the e-learning industry today. Gamification in the mobile learning context is a challenging task. In this session, you will understand the fundamentals of mobile-learning game-design and how to identify the context where mobile learning fits.

4. Transform Existing Content Efficiently for Interactive Multi-device Learning

A majority of the American workforce uses more than two devices at the workplace. Because of this organizations today want to make their online courses accessible on multiple devices. This session helps you learn of how to convert training content into multiple device learning.

5. Building Byte-sized Learning in a Traditional Training World

When your learners are given the option to choose between mobile abstracts and a book, most of them would surely prefer the mobile mode. As a training and development professional, you know that it’s a challenging task to convert your day-long sessions in to byte-sized chunks. In this session, you will know how to create micro learning modules from your existing ILT courses.

6. Ten Hidden Secrets of Top-performing International L&D Teams

Changing needs, a global workplace, and rapidly changing technology are the major challenges every learning and development professional faces. This session addresses how top-performing L&D teams around the globe overcome these challenges and improve their efficiency.

About 125 such sessions are going to be held in this conference. Hope every L&D professional can reap rich benefits out of it. Have anything to say? Please do share!

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