Why Am I Developing Product Training and for Whom?

Why Am I Developing Product Training and for Whom?

why am i developing product training

Why am I developing the product training course and for whom?” is the question that curriculum developers must first answer before collating the content for product training. In instructor-led training programs, since the trainer or the instructor has a thorough knowledge about the subject in question, he/she can make on the spot improvisations depending on the needs of the audience. However, such a possibility does not exist in an online training program. In fact this is the reason why the curriculum or course content that has been developed for classroom training cannot be automatically used for e-learning.

Therefore, before the curriculum is developed one must have clarity about who the course is being developed for and what is it that the learners are expected to achieve after completing the course. Understanding the purpose will ensure that the content is developed according to the learning objectives of the target audience. After all, you don’t want your audiences distracted and bored while taking the online course, do you?

Here is typically what product training means for different audiences.

what product training means for different audiences

If you notice, each of the audience stated above, are talking of the same product but their objectives are different. When developing online product training modules for diverse audiences, it would be prudent to chunk the content into independent learning objects. That way, the modules can be combined to make a course based on the target audience. For example, a sales person needs to have a module on selling tips for a particular product along with the basic product information. Obviously, this piece of information may not be relevant to your service engineer or a customer who can be excluded from the access to this module.

However, remember that you cannot address innumerable number of performance-based learning objectives. Ideally, you should not address more than 8 learning objectives. These objectives will not be a part of the course. They are solely for the course designer to design an instructionally robust course. So, if you are foraying into developing an online product training course, do ask yourself, Why am I developing this course and for whom?

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