Best Practices for Developing Assessments for eLearning Curricula

Best Practices for Developing Assessments for eLearning Curricula

There is an eLearning curriculum with multiple modules, and each module is roughly 20 – 30 minutes. These modules are a part of a certification program intended for new hires. The learners should have enough freedom and flexibility to take the modules in their own way. But, we should make the assessment criteria more stringent to ensure that the training is effectively imparted.

A curriculum can have basic and advanced modules. Your approach to assessments for basic and advance modules should vary to make learning effective.

  • Do you think assessments can help reinforce learning?
  • Do you think wrong answers also teach?
  • Do you think not restricting the learner while taking the course and having a robust assessment system can motivate him?

Here are the best practices for developing assessments that can evaluate learner progress very effectively and help the learner to get the best out of the eLearning course.

Module wise Assessment

Each module we will have up to 15 questions.

  • 5 Internal assessments in different presentation formats (single select, multiple select, match, drag and drop, true and false and so on).
  • 10 final quiz questions of which we will randomly call 5 and all these are single select questions.
  • Review quiz for final assessments should give feedback and tell the learner for those questions which he answered incorrectly that where in the course the topic was discussed and ask him to go back and refer to those slides.
  • Unlimited attempts and only after he clears the assessment, he should be able to go to the next module.
  • Minimum passing criteria will be 80%.

Final Evaluation

Final assessment questions will be randomly called from the pool of the questions already used in the modules (including internal assessments and single select). Come up with 20 questions that cover all modules.

  • We should also use the same approach to review quiz as done for module wise assessments (give reference to wrongly answered questions).
  • Only two attempts as this is the one on which he will actually be assessed.

Assessments for Basic and Advanced Modules

For basic modules, we will have a pre-test which will be made up of 20 questions called randomly from all the single select final quiz questions, which are pulled from the modules.

  • In this, if he gets less than 60%, we tell him he should take the basic modules.
  • If he scores between 60-80%, we recommend him to take the basic modules.
  • If he scores above 80%, we tell him to proceed to the advanced modules.

These are the some of the best practices followed by organizations that develop eLearning curricula for certifications programs.

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