4 Things E-learning Developers Can Learn From Instagram Videos

4 Things E-learning Developers Can Learn From Instagram Videos

4 Things E-learning Developers Can Learn From Instagram Videos

Photos talk there. You connect with friends through photos there. You turn a professional photographer and also upload one minute videos there. Yeah! By now you know I am talking about Instagram.

A combination of social networking, easy editing of photos taken with your phone and one minute videos makes Instagram so popular. These features hook people so well that they keep coming in again and again. For this blog, let’s focus on Instagram videos. Each video shows one thing or conveys one point. They make the communicator’s intention clear and grab the attention of viewers.

E-learning developers can learn a lot from Instagram videos in terms of engagement and brevity. In this blog, we’ll look at four things e-learning developers can learn from Instagram videos.

1. Keep your videos short

Instagram videos are 15 seconds to one-minute long. However, according to the official announcement of Instagram, users’ video watching time has risen by 40% over the past six months. Your video duration impacts viewer engagement. Tubular Labs’ analytics say that the average duration of a top Facebook video is just 1.5 minutes.

SephiShapira, the CEO of Massive Impact, a performance advertising firm says that viewership of four-minute long YouTube videos is trailing off, with most viewers watching up to one minute and then moving away to another video. Jumping from video to video has become a common trend in the video world. Instagram noted this trend and wanted to make sure its users finish watching entire videos. The inferenceis, shorter videos engage viewers better.

As of now, e-learning developers are developing bite-sized videos of three- to five-minute duration. However, it’s high time we relook the length of microlearning videos. Needless to say, short is sweet. How long is too long, I don’t know; I don’t have a yardstick to measure, but the length of a video must depend on the learning content and key takeaways.

If you observe the trend on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram – the duration of videos has steadily come down from four minutes to one minute. E-learning developers can minimize the length of learning videos; they must make compact videos using the available technology and editing tools. One-minute videos like Instagram videos rock!

2. Make THE point

Instagram videos come straight to the point – no beating around the bush. You won’t find a title card, names of the production team, etc., in these videos. Each video has only one message that is conveyed in a minute or less.

What can we tell learners in a one-minute video? Well, we can say a whole lot of things, but don’t go in several directions. Stick to one learning objective per video. For example, if you are developing an online sales training course, you will need to cover several aspects of sales training such as ‘understanding potential buyers, ‘building an effective sales pipeline, ‘closingsales deals, ‘selling techniques,’ and so on. To make your online sales training course engaging, you will add short videos in each module. Concentrate on only one key point in each video.

3. Make your videos value hubs

Instagram is curating the videos it serves users. Instagram influencers, video producers, photographers, musicians, athletes, architects, and other professionals develop these videos and make them as information-rich as possible.

We in the e-learning industry also strive to create resourceful courses for learners and organizations. E-learning or online training for corporate workplaces shouldn’t be confined to increasing cognitive knowledge; rather, it should also improve employee skills and performance. This can be done by developing videos that are useful.

4. Edit for optimization

You will find awhole lot of features on Instagram for editing and creating videos with images the camera roll. Filters, sounds, transitions, sequencing — all these features help us edit videos on Instagram. You can also use free apps such as Splice for iOS and Magisto for both iOS and Android. These apps will help make your video crisp and optimize the visual and audio experience.

Likewise, to make your e-learning videos crisp and clear, you must edit them. It’s not expensive. Several free audio and video tools are available to edit e-learning videos.

So, let’s develop shorter videos that clearly communicatewhat we want our learners to learn, so that training is successful.

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