Develop Killer Product Training Videos Using VideoScribe

Develop Killer Product Training Videos Using VideoScribe

Develop Killer Product Training Videos Using VideoScribe

When you hear something, you may remember only 10% of that after three days. Comparatively, the retention rate of information presented through images is as high as 65%. 71% of consumers say videos are very effective at explaining product features.

In fact, people across the world watch videos to learn new skills or gain knowledge. TED talks, Khan Academy, and Lynda videos are well known examples of this growing trend. Incorporating short 2-3 minute videos in product knowledge training will help sales teams understand complex features easily and also act as reinforcement tools.

To develop such product training videos, you need an effective and easy-to-use tool. VideoScribe is one such tool you can depend on. It:

  • Helps develop high-definition, whiteboard style animation videos
  • Has a simple user interface
  • Offers bite-sized support tutorials

So let’s see how to develop product training videos using VideoScribe.

What Makes A Good Product Training Video?

When I say product training video, it can be part of an online product training course or a standalone video, covering the essentials of the product. Before using VideoScribe, you need to gather visuals, video clips of the product, and write the audio script. The right combination of script, visuals, and audio makes an effective video. Let’s check these elements in detail.

Visuals: Take pictures of the product. Capture visuals of each part of the product and note down its features and benefits. Get installation and demonstration visuals too.

Script: Developing the right script is key for an effective product training video. You can weave your product script around these points:

  • Write about your product concisely.
  • Write the product description keeping in view your buyer persona.
  • Write how the product can meet prospects’ requirements.
  • Write how it works.

Audio: Adding audio narration to the script can add value to your product training video.

Video Scribing

You can successfully integrate visuals, audio, and text using VideoScribe in 3 simple steps.

1. Add product images and text

Add product images and text

Upload images and add relevant text to the canvas in VideoScribe. You can also select images from the images library available in VideoScribe.

2. Set Animations

Set Animations

Small animations will hook your sales force to the product training video. Small changes in the background and animated effects such as hand movements, erasing, etc. will add liveliness to the video. Morphing one image into another and adding GIFs will give an impressive look to your training videos.

3. Record or import audio

Record or import audio

You can upload music and voiceover to the videos. You can also pick soundtracks from the library of VideoScribe.

Once you integrate visuals, text, and audio, your whiteboard product training video is ready to play.

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