Developing Leadership Qualities in Employees!

Developing Leadership Qualities in Employees!

When your employees are given an opportunity to climb up the corporate ladder, they will work hard to prove their mettle. They will also tend to make a special effort to take appropriate steps to deal with deficiencies in their performance and gain new skills. This will improve their productivity and eventually help you reach your targets.

What does it take?

Inculcating leadership qualities among your employees calls for a concerted effort on your part. Leadership is not about merely communicating your expectations and guidelines to your employees and expecting them to achieve them. It is about enabling them to work as a team, complement one another, and find innovative solutions to organizational problems.

Secondly, you need to be impartial. Never ever discriminate your employees by gender, religion, or caste. Provide equal opportunities to employees to develop leadership skills and have growth in their career.

Analyze and Make a Leadership Plan: Unless you get the commitment of your employees, you cannot effectively develop leadership qualities in them. Leadership is not about a managerial process. It is about human emotions. Therefore, first you need to listen to your employees and get them to understand what leadership is. Once you give them an overview of leadership, you can provide them an opportunity to analyze where they stand and what skills they need to reach their goal.

Provide Requisite Training: Once you analyze your employees’ leadership skills, you can decide on the kind of training they need. Provide them with online resources if possible. Conduct seminars or workshops to bring in industry experts to share their views on leadership and leadership practices. This creates awareness among your employees about what leadership is and how leaders behave.

Establish a Leadership Development Committee: Put in place a committee to set up an objective mechanism to evaluate employees’ performance in leadership. They should reward employees who have shown outstanding leadership skills. These rewards could include giving a bonus, presenting citations, or providing a free vacation. Ensure that these rewards are available to all outstanding performers. It is important that employees are selected by means of fair and impartial measures. Otherwise, it can be de-motivating to other employees who might feel sidelined.

Encourage Your Managers to Mentor: Train your managers on new leadership styles, approaches, and methodologies with a view to mentoring the employees in their team. To develop leadership qualities, you need to treat your employees like leaders. Discourage your managers from treating their direct reports as just dependents. They should give their direct reports measured freedom in decision making, before evaluating their performance on leadership.

Once you cultivate leadership qualities in your employees, you can witness innovation in processes and better performances.

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  • Making employees feel that they directly affect the bottom line of the organization can reap real benefits, especially for motivation. Too often, employees feel that a company can do with or without them and this affects motivation and their willingness to ‘jump in’ to the overall plan. From my perspective, if I directly affect revenue and profit, I feel more like an actual “part” of the plan and thus feel like I’m more important to the success or failure of the organization. You get immersed in the organization! Those who feel like they can be easily replaced, are usually that, easily replaced. Motivation is an interesting thing because it is unique to each person, we need to find ways to make sure those we want to foster feel important, this makes them try harder and helps them stay motivated to do their best. Seems very elementary doesn’t it?

  • Amit Pote

    it’s been said that encourage your employees to take decisions. I personally feel that this should be made part of their KRAs as well. The KRAs might be needed only for a year’s time, because by that time, you would have inculcated the “habit” of taking decisions. So in order to develop leadership qualities, one must encourage, help and force employees to take real-life work decisions along with other formal leadershio programs.

  • Its very important to inculcate to your employees the value which is necessary to reach the goals and objectives in the company. The qualities of being a leader never stops unless you ignore the essential part which is to treat your employees like leaders.

  • Cheryl Klein

    I think along with developing leaders, you need to respect those who do not have a desire to lead and allow them to develop in their best path. Not everyone is the right person to be a leader nor does everyone want to lead. And realistically, you still need people to do the work – if everyone is managing who’s producing?

    A non-leader is also not any less important or valued a team member. Someone who is intelligent, hard working and always moving foward in their chosen vocation is just as necessary as a quality leader. A good manager can recognize those people, respect their choice and help them develope their skills too.

  • Nicole D. Harris

    It is critical to provide employees with mentorship so they can be guided for success.

  • Interesting discussion topic Ayesha! I just went to a Leadership Forum on this last week. One of the panelist stated that the core of leadership is influence and communication. I think as a company defining ‘who’s your group and what is your purpose’ is the first step. Then you look at each employee and determine 1) capability 2) motivation 3) fit – they can be 1&3 but without the motivation they will not succeed.

    From my experience and my discussions with others the two most influential factors for developing internal leaders is mentoring and having a company wide leadership ‘standard’. If employees know and understand the company leadership and vision they are more likely to feel a part of it and feel empowered for growth.

    Just my thoughts!

  • Sumit Varlani

    Looking for leadership and Team building skills for employees